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PolarWhitePro is a convenient, fast and highly effective teeth whitening pen that gently eliminates discolorations & stains from the surface of the teeth while significantly whitening teeth up to 6 shades lighter after just 6 applications.

  • Revolutionary teeth whitening glaze developed by professionals to offer a highly effective, affordable and pain free method to dramatically whiten your teeth.
  • Created using potent active ingredients which are clinically proven to eliminate discolorations, visibly whitening even the most tarnished teeth without harm to tooth enamel.
  • Based on a peroxide-free formula that is enriched with a botanical blend of Aloe, Pomegranate and chamomile the gel instantly erases everyday stains.
  • Simply apply a thin layer of gel to the teeth and wait for up to 20mins before rinsing it away.
  • Handy pen applicator eradicates the need for awkward strips or trays.