Product Details

Minami Nutrition MorEPA Smart Fats is a one-a-day scientifically-proven fish oil supplement formulated to maintain a healthy heart, promote emotional and physical wellbeing, support concentration, joints and skin.

  • MorEPA Smart Fats contains 85% of Omega3 formulation. Omega3 fatty acids are incredibly important for supporting heart health and emotional wellbeing, while enhancing concentration and maintaining joint and skin health.
  • Due to the high concentration of omega3, only one or two capsules are required daily providing a minimum of 750mg/1500mg of omega3.
  • Scientific studies and research has indicated that omega-3 fatty acids may contribute to the prevention of conditions such as heart disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high cholesterol levels and a raft of other diseases typical in the western world.
  • The supplement takes the form of orange flavour soft gels ensuring no fishy aftertaste!